Do HVAC Maintenance Companies Provide Free Estimates?

Are maintenance plans & service contracts from HVAC companies worth it? Learn about common services included & how they can save you money.

Do HVAC Maintenance Companies Provide Free Estimates?

Most people are aware that installing a new air conditioning system, or even just one component of one, such as an air conditioner, oven, or heat pump, can be expensive. This is why many HVAC service providers offer maintenance plans and service contracts designed to help mitigate those costs. But the question remains: are these plans really worth it, or are they just a way for companies to make extra money? When it comes to deciding if hiring an HVAC maintenance plan or service contact is worth it, there are a few factors to consider. Regular air conditioning maintenance includes changing the air filter every few months, cleaning the unit, adjusting the electrical connections, and inspecting the condensate drain of the air conditioner.

For best performance, also be sure to lubricate the moving parts of any system, clean the air conditioning fan, check for refrigerant leaks in the air conditioner, and inspect the heater's fuel lines for faulty gas or oil connections. HVAC service providers may offer maintenance plans or service contracts that offer some or all of these services as a package. Paying for a package rather than individually or as needed can save you money. In addition, hiring a professional HVAC contractor to detect any problems early on can save you from having to pay for a major repair in the future.

HVAC companies vary in the services that their maintenance plans and service contracts cover and, in some cases, the packages are customizable. Common services include cleaning, inspecting for leaks and faulty connections, lubricating moving parts, calling for emergency service (usually free of charge), and replacing minor parts when necessary. It is worth noting that the replacement of main parts is usually not included in these packages. The idea is that, once you've paid the fee in advance, you won't pay for the specified HVAC services while under contract and are likely to save money.

The answer to this question may vary depending on your home's needs and climate conditions. The most important omission from most HVAC companies' maintenance plans and service contracts are the main parts, such as heat pumps, fans, and compressors. In many cases, an air conditioning maintenance plan offers good value for money and a way to ensure that your home is safe, properly heated or cooled, and saves energy. Some homes may benefit more from a maintenance plan or HVAC service contract than others.

For example, if you live in an extreme climate where inadequate or inconsistent heating or cooling can be dangerous, a maintenance plan or HVAC service contract could save your life. Likewise, if your home includes young children, older people, or people with medical conditions affected by temperature, you may be comfortable knowing that your heating and cooling systems are working properly and that they will be repaired quickly if they stop working. The general consensus among customers and professionals is that maintenance plans and HVAC service contracts are worth it. They prevent major problems with your heating and cooling systems from occurring in the long term, saving you money on major repairs and preventing disasters from disrupting your daily life.

In addition, while the initial cost of an HVAC maintenance plan may seem prohibitive, it can save you money by keeping your systems running at peak energy efficiency and reducing bills. The packages offered by HVAC companies are usually lower than the costs of the individual services they offer together. If you live in an extreme climate or in a home where inadequate or inconsistent heating and cooling could endanger your life, a maintenance plan or HVAC service contract may not be negotiable. If you recently purchased a new heating or cooling unit or system and you have a warranty, a maintenance plan or HVAC service contract may be redundant and therefore a waste of money depending on the services covered by the warranty.

If your air conditioner isn't working properly, you can also call an air conditioner repair company in your area to inspect the unit outside of its annual maintenance. Keeping up with regular air conditioning maintenance can ensure that these parts work smoothly and efficiently for years to come. When one of these systems isn't working properly it's important to choose one of the best HVAC companies in your area to immediately inspect it and make any necessary repairs. Maintaining the air conditioning is important to keep repair costs to a minimum and to make your system last as long as possible while still operating efficiently. Routine maintenance service is what most HVAC companies offer and includes inspections and maintenance such as changing filters every few months; cleaning units; adjusting electrical connections; inspecting condensate drains; lubricating moving parts; cleaning fans; checking for refrigerant leaks; inspecting fuel lines for faulty gas or oil connections; calling for emergency service (usually free of charge); replacing minor parts when necessary; etc. Keeping up with standard maintenance for your air conditioning system is crucial to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Fortunately HVAC repair costs are manageable in most cases especially when compared to the average HVAC replacement cost. In most cases the HVAC company will charge a standard rate for a regular annual service and maintenance call and you will know in advance how much it will cost. Some HVAC companies offer standard HVAC maintenance cost guarantees that state that if something goes wrong with the system within a certain period of time (e.g., 3-6 months) they will repair it again free of charge. For a typical service call where the technician cleans and repairs the system the HVAC company may charge a standard rate that covers all of these types of services.

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